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Классический Судоку 9x9 Сложность: Ультра легкий

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Английский писатель, актер, режиссер (играл в кино Эркюля Пуаро)”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Страна, где по библейской легенде находился Рай”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Церковный сборник жизнеописаний”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Атомная подводная лодка российсого ВМФ, трагически погибшая в 2000г”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Радиактивный химический элемент, газ”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Представитель монгольского хана в завоеваных землях”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Род плодовых деревьев”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Длинная меховая шуба с высоким воротником”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Пищевая монополия США”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Старинная золотая или серебряная монета”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Дворянский титул ниже графского”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Чердачное помещение, используемое для жилья”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Единица длины”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Широкополая шляпа, распространенная в странах Латинской Америки”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Строительное искусство, зодчество”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Вид маневра летательного аппарата”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Приспособление для ловли птиц”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Повторная съемка эпизода в фильме”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Ботинки с шипами для игры в футбол”

Классический кроссворд на тему: “Обнаженный до последней нитки пляжник”

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Logical online encyclopedia Welcome!
About this site

The site is dedicated to various crosswords, and began its work in 2011. Initially, a small list of sections, over time, is enriched with new content and ideas, and so has grown to its current size. The visitor will find some information in the field of solving different puzzles, some rules, history and crossword puzzles. Registration on the site is free and without spam.

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This section of my webpage focuses on grid-based puzzle information. To qualify, these puzzles must be self-contained and language-independent. The main thing you need to solve them is logic.
The most famous of them, of course, is Sudoku. Sudoku's predecessor was a riddle called Number Place, apparently developed by Howard Garnes and first appeared in Dell puzzle magazines in 1979. While most Dell puzzles require information provided off-grid, and many rely on cultural knowledge or specific languages, Number Place only requires the grid itself.

Japanese puzzle printing company Nikoli imported the puzzle into Japan in 1984 and continued with some key changes. First, the number of dates was set to no more than 32; Second, the puzzles were supposed to be symmetrical. These changes allowed Sudoku creators to explore more creative directions.

When Sudoku exploded in popularity, variations began to accumulate. Now there is a dizzying amount of options, some of which are given as examples in the museum. In addition to Sudoku, there are many other grid-based puzzles, many of which predict Sudoku.


In order to qualify for this site, the puzzle must be almost completely self-contained. In several cases, such as Armadillos and Star Battle, there are several clues that are outside the grid itself; However, puzzles, such as the number of crosswords that are language-independent but rely on a long list of off-grid hints, are not included.
Puzzles must also be language independent. Many have a mathematical component, and some (such as tents and a labyrinth with a horror mirror) have a cultural component. However, these components take only a few minutes to learn, and thus do not present a significant obstacle to solvers who were not previously exposed to them.

Finally, puzzles can be solved with paper and pencil. There are several independent puzzles that require moving tiles or other controls that are well suited for execution on a computer, but do not work on paper.

The puzzles on this site are not an exhaustive list. Currently, there are dozens of prolific puzzle makers, and even a complete compilation of each puzzle created by these people will be uncontrollably long; Many of their puzzles are variations of options or are created for one publication. I tried to include the basic types of puzzles, as well as qualifying puzzles from the main list, the Japanese puzzle set and Nicole. However, even these lists continue to grow.

Categories are for grouping similar puzzles, but many puzzles have different categories. The main index contains the most common name for each puzzle (as far as I know), while the full index also lists the names of options; For example, only Slitherlink appears in the base index, while Fences, Loopy, and many others appear in the full index.

In some cases, I have provided sample puzzles. Puzzle examples are my own creations based on the rules provided.
I hope you were satisfied with your visit!
Join us if you are a true crossword puzzler!
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