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Number Code Codebreaker «Makeup» is for puzzlers who love to break codes. You solve this number puzzle by finding out which letters are hidden behind which numbers. has three challenging puzzle titles where the numbers form the hidden letters. Each of which guarantees hours of

New online Codeword «Accordion» (Codeword, Code cracker, Codebreaker, Woordzoeker, Code puzzels, Cijfercode, Cijferkruiswoord) play free. Crossword without keywords, where the letters are replaced by numbers (1–29) and the task is to find the number of the individual letter. A code breaker is a

New Numerical Crossword 17x17 28.12 solve online. The cross-number puzzle (also known as cross-configuration, figure logic, or number lock puzzle) looks like a crossword puzzle, but numbers are used in the grid instead of words. The solver or crossword puzzle of cross numbers can find all the

Classical crossword "Gypsy House" 17x17 to solve online for free. There are few additional explanations for this classic, after all, everyone knows a time-tested crossword puzzle. Ancient, because the first crossword puzzle dates back to 1913.

Islamic crossword "Belt bow in prayer" solve online Muslim Crosswords 17x17 with answers and tips for free. Every Muslim should use his abilities and opportunities to serve Allah, the cause of Islam. Unfortunately, I could not get a good Islamic education on time, but I think that these modest

American Crossword «Cossack chieftain» is a favorite intellectual game of people in many countries of the world. It is believed that the crossword puzzle broadens the mind of the reader and develops his erudition. Successful and complete solving a crossword puzzle requires considerable knowledge
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