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New puzzles Nanbaboru 5x5 #2 Hard free : Other names are Number Ball . The creator of this puzzle is Naoki Inaba . To solve the puzzle, you need to arrange the numbers from the specified range in certain cells of the grid so that in each row and in each column each number is used only once.

Rules for playing online puzzle Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Very Difficult (Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki): There are a few lesser known number placement puzzles that can scratch your head-spinning itch if you're a Sudoku fan: Futoshiki and Beehive Hidato . Futoshiki will seem pretty familiar since the row

Nanbaboru 5x5 #1 Hard free puzzles to solve online Number Ball. Nanbaboru (distorted by the Japanese pronunciation of the English name "Number Ball") - a logical puzzle of a square shape, invented by Naoki Inaba (Japan).

Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Difficult (Hutosiki, Hutoshiki) play online for free. Futoshiki (inequality) is a number puzzle in which a field chart of size n must have a completed number, so that in each row and in each column there is a number from 1 to n.

Rules for playing Futoshiki online puzzle 5x5 #1 Medium. The goal of Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Medium is to fill the grid with numbers so that each column and each row contains numbers only once. Some numbers may be indicated at the beginning of the game.

Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Light weight (also called Futoshiki, Unequal, More or Less online) Each row and each column should contain the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, each time. Numbers must satisfy signs more and less.

Skyscrapers 5x5 #1 Medium (other names are Towers). Here is a top view of the city block. In each cell there is a “skyscraper” with a height equal to the number in this cell. The numbers on the sides of the grid indicate the number of “skyscrapers” visible from the corresponding row or column when

Kakurasu 5x5 #1 Easy another name - Bokkusu. The task is to place black and white cells in the grid. The numbers to the left and top of the grid of kakuras are the sum of the "weights" of the black cells in the rows and columns. The numbers to the right and bottom of the grid are the "weight" of

Abcdoku 5x5 #2 Light solve online logic puzzle Easy As ABC for free. Other names are First Counter, Easy As ABC, Last Man Standing, ABC End View. Complete the puzzle with letters from the specified range so that in each row and column each letter occurs only once.
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