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New puzzles Yin Yang 8x8 #1 Hard solve play free online. Fill an 8x8 board with white or black circles so that each group of circles of the same color forms one continuous region orthogonally and does not contain areas 2×2 or more than one color.

New 6x6 Futoshiki puzzle #1 Hard (another name: Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki ) play online for free. In each row and column of the puzzle Futoshiki each number from 1 to N must be entered exactly once (N is the number of rows and columns). Some of the fields are preceded by a relationship

The Sudoku X 16x16 #2 Hard (diagonal sudoku or xSudoku or Sudoku X adds), compared to the classic sudoku, the further element of the two diagonals, from the upper vertex to the lower vertex of the scheme, in which the numbers, from 1 to 9, cannot be repeated. Among these the Sudoku X.

How to play Hitori 9x9 #1 Hard (Reverse Sudoku puzzles) online for free. Hitori is a numerical logic puzzle played on a grid (7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10), which has been divided into separate cells. Each cell contains a number. The purpose of the puzzle is to eliminate repetitive numbers so that the

Nanbaboru 5x5 #1 Hard free puzzles to solve online Number Ball. Nanbaboru (distorted by the Japanese pronunciation of the English name "Number Ball") - a logical puzzle of a square shape, invented by Naoki Inaba (Japan).

Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Difficult (Hutosiki, Hutoshiki) play online for free. Futoshiki (inequality) is a number puzzle in which a field chart of size n must have a completed number, so that in each row and in each column there is a number from 1 to n.

Number puzzles online Bricks 6x6 #2 Hard (another name is Bricks, Brick Sudoku). This puzzle option has additional conditions: In the cells of each “brick” one digit is even, the other is odd. Two halves of the “brick” located at the edge of the puzzle form one “brick”.

Kakuro 10x10 # 6 Hard - fill in the scheme with the numbers from 1 to 9 knowing that: the numbers shown as definitions represent the sum of the digits to be entered in the corresponding white boxes; the numbers in the lower triangles are the vertical definitions, those in the upper triangles are

Fillomino puzzle rules 10x10 #1 Hard (Firuomino) - No rectangles: rectangular areas are not allowed. Rectangles only: All sections should be rectangular. No 2x2 squares: A block of 2x2 fields must contain the same number.

Puzzle Minesweeper 9x9 free online was created on the basis of the computer game of the same name. The task is to find all the “mines” “hidden” in the grid using key numbers. Each number shows how many neighboring cells (horizontally, vertically and diagonally) are occupied by “mines”.

Corral 9x9 #1 Hard another name puzzle is Baggu, Cave. The puzzle is a rectangular grid of dots. Some of the cells formed by dots have numbers inside.

This unique numerical puzzle game Hidoku 10x10 #1 Hard, in which numbered tiles must be placed on the playing field to continue the sequence of numbers. Hidoku (Hidato, King's Hat) - one of the most difficult puzzles on the site

Ripple Effect 8x8 #1 Hard - Hakyuu ("Hakyuu", "Hakyuu Kouka", "Hakyukoka", "Seismic") is a kind of logic puzzle. The field consists of a rectangular grid divided into sections (rooms); some fields may contain numbers. The goal of the game is to fill all the fields with numbers so that in each room

Puzzles Eulero 3x3 #2 Hard play free online. Other names - Greco-Latin square, Eulero square, Eulero. This puzzle, in fact, is two Latin squares “nested” into each other, and is named for the famous mathematician Leonard Euler. The task is to enter numbers and letters in the puzzle cells according
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