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New puzzle DIAGONAL Sudoku X 16x16 #2 Medium to play online for free. These sudoku variants are only offered in 4x4 (16 squares) as the examples below show. This is a variant where the diagonals must also contain the numbers 1-16 in addition to all vertical and horizontal rows, as well as each 4x4

New puzzle DIAGONAL SUDOKU X 16x16 #2 Medium to play online for free. Sudoku puzzles require you to place 1-16 in each row and column, just like regular Sudoku, but the familiar [i]4x4[/ i] square area has been replaced with an intriguing range of differently shaped areas containing nine cells that

Hitori puzzle 9x9 #1 Medium solve online for free. Other names: Hitori, Reverse Sudoku Hitori puzzle rules: There is a number in each cell of the field. Task - to paint (cross out) some cells so that no number is repeated in each row or column (like a sudoku puzzle).

Yin Yang 8x8 #1 Easy (Yin Yang) solve online. Fill an 8x8 board with white or black circles so that each group of circles of the same color forms one continuous region orthogonally and does not contain areas 2×2 or more than one color.

Rules for playing Futoshiki online puzzle 5x5 #1 Medium. The goal of Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Medium is to fill the grid with numbers so that each column and each row contains numbers only once. Some numbers may be indicated at the beginning of the game.

Puzzle Tents 8x8 # 2 Medium (Tents and trees; Tents, Tents and Trees) This brief information allows the user to familiarize themselves with the rules and solve the logical puzzles of Tents and Trees (other names: Zeltlager, Zeltplatz, Camping, ...).

Skyscrapers 5x5 #1 Medium (other names are Towers). Here is a top view of the city block. In each cell there is a “skyscraper” with a height equal to the number in this cell. The numbers on the sides of the grid indicate the number of “skyscrapers” visible from the corresponding row or column when

Other names are Tents and Trees, Zeltlager, Zeltplatz, Camping This puzzle is a rectangular grid with some cells containing «trees». The task is to break up the camp by placing the tents in certain cells according to the rules below. The number of tents in the camp is equal to the number of trees.

Hashiwokakero 6x6 #5 Medium (other names are Hashi, Bridges, Chopsticks, Ai-Ki-Ai). This puzzle is a rectangular grid without a standard size 6x6. In some cells there are circles with numbers from 1 to 8 inclusive, these are “islands”. The remaining cells are empty. The bridge is a straight line

Puzzle Kuromasu 7x7 #2 Medium: This version of the number crosswords is a bit like a mixture of puzzles Pentopia and Kurodoku. Put in a 7x7 grid several different details of two colors in white or black. Rotations and reflections are considered the same figure. Pieces cannot touch each other, only
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