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New Japanese crossword puzzle "Mushrooms" 25x25 to solve online for free. Instruction, rules for solving Japanese crosswords. How to solve Nonogramm (other names: "Japanese crosswords", "Griddler", "Pic-a-Pix", "Crucipixel", "Hanjie")? If there are multiple numbers in the key, there are multiple

New Nonogram puzzle "Girl" 32x31 online for free (Picross, Griddlers, hanjie, Paint-by-Number). The Nonogram Puzzle is played on a 32x31 px rectangular grid with row and column constraints as hints. The task of solving the Japanese crossword puzzle is to draw all the pixels of the grid in black and

New Japanese crossword puzzle "Cherries" 35x30 online for free (Japanse puzzel, Nonogram, Picross, Griddlers, hanjie, Paint-by-Number). This type of puzzle is known all over the world. We provide every popular puzzle size from small to large. We produce black and white and color nonograms.

Nonogram Squirrel 35x25 - In the Japanese version of the crossword puzzle, black cells should not touch the sides (and that means there should not be blocks of black cells - accordingly, the density of the mesh is also approaching the scanword) and the corner cells of the grid should be white (so

Nonogramm - Japanese crossword puzzle "Lemon" ("Griddler", "Pic-a-Pix", "Crucipixel", "Hanjie") 35x25 solve online for free. Nonogram looks like a square or rectangular grid that has on the top and left sides some numbers that indicate how many groups of black cells are found in the corresponding

Japanese crossword Pistol 35x25 solve online for free (Nonogram, Picross, Griddlers, Hanjie, Paint-by-Number). Here are some tips to help you get started: First, focus on the rows and columns with the largest number next to them. If the total for a row or column is more than half the number of

The Nonogram Fish is a logic puzzle that takes the form of a grid 35x25, for which each cell must be filled or left blank, depending on the numbers that describe the contents of the grid. For each row and each column, there is an ordered list of numbers corresponding to the number of consecutively

Japanese puzzle Cup Nonogram puzzle 35x20 solve online for free (Japanse puzzel, Nonogram, Picross, Griddlers, hanjie, Paint-by-Number). This is the puzzle of getting a shape by shading the grid according to the numbers that appear in the rows (horizontally) and in the columns (vertically): 1=1

Paint by Numbers «Scream» consists of the grid 32x32, which can be of any width or height. The goal is to fill in the number of squares indicated on each row and column to recreate the image. In response, you will see that one of the characters in the movie "Scream" is depicted.

Nonogram «Paris» - other names are Picross, Paint By Numbers, Griddler, CrossPix. In this puzzle, you need to restore the picture by the numbers that are to the left of the lines and above the columns.
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