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Welcome to this fantastic collection of Super Samurai Sudoku puzzles . The rules of Super Samurai Sudoku 4 Easy are simple : put the numbers 1-9 once in each row, column and bold. If you get stuck on your way or need help, solutions will appear at the bottom for you to take a peek at.

New free online puzzle Hypersudoku - Super Samurai Sudoku #3 Easy. Do you like Sudoku but looking for something a little more than a standard grid? Then why not try our fantastic collection of many new puzzles MultiSudoku - Super Samurai, Gattai-8 .

New online puzzles section Hypersudoku - Super Samurai Sudoku, Gattai-8. Welcome to the category of Super Samurai Sudoku puzzles, a fun version of sudoku with a distinctive grid design. The goal of the puzzle is to place the numbers 1-9 once in each row, column and box 3x3 - this includes four gray

New online puzzle Super Samurai Sudoku #1 Easy to solve for free. Here is our first puzzle under Super Samurai Sudoku - (other names: Super Samurai, Gattai-8 ). Basically, it is a double puzzle Samurai Sudoku : 8 classic sudoku puzzles, which of course do not have their own (unique) solutions.
Join us if you are a true crossword puzzler!
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