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New puzzle DIAGONAL Sudoku X 16x16 #2 Very Difficult to play online for free. These sudoku variants are only offered in 4x4 (16 squares) as the examples below show. This is a variant where the diagonals must also contain the numbers 1-16 in addition to all vertical and horizontal rows, as well as

Kakuro 10x10 #3 Very Difficult to solve online. Fill in the grid of 10x10 Kakuro puzzle so that each block is summed with the sum in the box above or to the left of it. You can use only digits 1-9, and you should not use the same digit twice in a block.

Slither Link 10x10 #2 Very Difficult to solve online puzzles play Loopy for free. We are talking about the formation of a closed figure with one stroke, connecting neighboring points with vertical and horizontal lines. Each number indicates how many lines surround it, and empty fields can be

Dominos 8x7 #1 Very Difficult solve the Dominos puzzle online for free. The domino shapes shown were arranged to form a rectangle. After that, the boundaries between the parts were removed. Recover the missing lines so that each domino figure exists exactly once on the diagram 8x7.
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