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2D Sudoku 9x9 #2 Very Hard - In this chapter, we will continue to solve the problem of entering numbers from 1 to n into a square grid of size n x n so that each number occurs exactly once for a row and column, but without the additional condition that is specified by the grid decomposition block.

The Sudoku X 16x16 #1 Very Hard (diagonal sudoku or xSudoku or Sudoku X adds), compared to the classic sudoku, the further element of the two diagonals, from the upper vertex to the lower vertex of the scheme, in which the numbers, from 1 to 9, cannot be repeated.

Neighbours 9x9 #2 Very Hard (another name is Neighbours, Nachbarn) play free online. In this variant of the puzzle there are additional conditions. In adjacent cells, separated by a bold line, there are consecutive numbers. Numbers between which there is no line cannot be consistent.
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