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Ukrainian Arrow word «Object of love» онлайн

Ukrainian Arrow word «Object of love»

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Ukrainian Arrow word «Object of love» play free online - The Scandinavian crossword puzzle is one of the most popular types of crossword puzzles. The definitions of words are given in boxes directly inside the grid, and the words-answers are written in the directions indicated by the arrows.

There should be no empty cells in the perfect scannor grid. The denser the scannor grid, the more difficult it is to make and easier to solve.

The definitions can be associative (for example, a pea, saltan, emperor, etc. can be the correct answer to the definition of «King»). When solving scandals, intuition is an important quality.

In addition to the classic scanword, there are also its varieties:

Italica is a scanword in which arrows are diagonally possible.
Gothic - only horizontal and vertical arrows are allowed.

The main highlight of the scanwords is that the definitions are in the body of the scanword itself. Added to this is the multi-directional addressing of words, the ability to use as puzzles pictures and photos.

What about the definition?
Because there is little space in the cells?

So, really, depending on the parameters, you can put definitions in the cage of scans with 3-4 lines of 9-12 characters at best.

This is where a new task for a scanner is born - to come up with a short, interesting, clear definition. What the Cannabisists are doing successfully and pleasing us with new work.

Відповіді на Ukrainian Arrow word «Object of love»

Відповідь на Ukrainian Arrow word «Object of love»

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