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2D Sudoku 9x9 #2 Very Hard разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

2D Sudoku 9x9 #2 Very Hard

Section: 2D sudoku
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Date: 7-02-2020, 12:23
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Судоку 2D #2 Очень Трудный (Латинский квадрат, Latin Square) • Размер: 9х9

2D Sudoku 9x9 #2 Very Hard Latin square play free online

We leave the world of sudoku and move on to a more general class of puzzles. In this chapter, we will continue to solve the problem of entering numbers from 1 to n into a square grid of size n x n so that each number occurs exactly once for a row and column, but without the additional condition that is specified by the grid decomposition block. Such a square pattern is called a Latin square.

The name probably dates back to the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler, who used the letters of the Latin alphabet instead of numbers. It is known that Euler investigated the problem of placing 36 officers with six different ranks in a square pattern so that each rank was represented exactly once in each row. In fact, Euler was interested in an even more difficult task, to which we will return.

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