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In the we are aware of how hard it can be for parents to arrive on dates as important as summer, in which the little ones enjoy vacations that can often affect the daily routines of a family and a home. In order to carry these dates more easily, it is necessary to continue publishes some interesting facts about the birthday of the Christmas tree garland. Here are some fun facts about the New Year / Christmas tree, tinsel, baubles, garlands, and other Christmas decorations.

New online puzzle Mosaik Christmas 20x20 (Fill-a-Pix) solve online for free. Japanese Mosaic ("Nurye's Puzzle", "Puzzle Nampre") is a logic puzzle, a grid of 20x20 which contains the design of the picture, encoded with numbers.

New online puzzle Mosaik Present 25x25 (Fill-a-Pix) solve online for free. Japanese Mosaic ("Nurye's Puzzle", "Puzzle Nampre") is a logic puzzle, a grid of 25x25 which contains the design of the picture, encoded with numbers. Each number in a cell indicates the number of cells adjacent to it

New online puzzle Japanese mosaic Christmas tree 17x21 (Drawing with paths, Mosaik, Fill-a-Pix) to solve online for free. In this puzzle, a picture is encrypted using numbers. Each of the numbers means how many neighboring cells you need to paint over (taking into account the one with the number).

Sparkling Super Samurai Sudoku 5 Easy available 7 times a week. Samurai Sudoku is a variation on the original Sudoku puzzle. It is essentially the same, except that it consists of five Sudoku that are linked through a central square. This will provide the seasoned Sudoku

Welcome to this fantastic collection of Super Samurai Sudoku puzzles . The rules of Super Samurai Sudoku 4 Easy are simple : put the numbers 1-9 once in each row, column and bold. If you get stuck on your way or need help, solutions will appear at the bottom for you to take a peek at.

Rules of the game online Logic puzzle Futoshiki 7x7 #1 Easy: Also known as: ( Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki ). The standard Futoshiki puzzle consists of a grid of squares separated by either spaces or inequalities: more characters (>) and fewer characters (<).

New puzzles Yin Yang 10x10 #1 Light solve play free online. Fill an 10x10 board with white or black circles so that each group of circles of the same color forms one continuous region orthogonally and does not contain areas 2×2 or more than one color.

New free online puzzle Hypersudoku - Super Samurai Sudoku #3 Easy. Do you like Sudoku but looking for something a little more than a standard grid? Then why not try our fantastic collection of many new puzzles MultiSudoku - Super Samurai, Gattai-8 .

New puzzles Yin Yang 8x8 #1 Hard solve play free online. Fill an 8x8 board with white or black circles so that each group of circles of the same color forms one continuous region orthogonally and does not contain areas 2×2 or more than one color.

New online puzzles section Hypersudoku - Super Samurai Sudoku, Gattai-8. Welcome to the category of Super Samurai Sudoku puzzles, a fun version of sudoku with a distinctive grid design. The goal of the puzzle is to place the numbers 1-9 once in each row, column and box 3x3 - this includes four gray

New 6x6 Futoshiki puzzle #1 Very difficult (Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki) play online for free. The Futoshiki section contains many fantastic puzzles ( Futoshiki, Unequal, Inequality ) for you. Futoshiki's puzzles are on a standard 6x6 grid size (also available in 5x5 and 7x7), which is ideal for

New 6x6 Futoshiki puzzle #1 Hard (another name: Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki ) play online for free. In each row and column of the puzzle Futoshiki each number from 1 to N must be entered exactly once (N is the number of rows and columns). Some of the fields are preceded by a relationship

New puzzles Nanbaboru 6x6 #2 Light (distorted by the Japanese pronunciation of the English name " Number Ball ") - a logical puzzle of a square shape, invented by Naoki Inaba (Japan). It is necessary to arrange numbers from a given range in some cells of the grid so that in each row and in each

Rules for solving online puzzle Futoshiki 6x6 #1 Medium (Hutosiki, Hutoshiki): FUTOSHIKI puzzles are built on square grids, usually 5x5 or 6x6 cells (although puzzles can be made in sizes from 4x4 to 8x8). To solve them, you must place the numbers in the puzzle cells so that each row and column

New online puzzle Super Samurai Sudoku #1 Easy to solve for free. Here is our first puzzle under Super Samurai Sudoku - (other names: Super Samurai, Gattai-8 ). Basically, it is a double puzzle Samurai Sudoku : 8 classic sudoku puzzles, which of course do not have their own (unique) solutions.

Online puzzle Tents 12x12 #3 Light ( Tents and Trees, Zeltlager, Zeltplatz, Camping ) has a rectangular grid, some of the boxes have "trees". "Tents" should be placed next to trees according to the following rules: The number of tents is equal to the number of trees.

Numerical crossword puzzle 15x15 08/16/1960 - where you need to fill the puzzle with numbers in place of letters like classic crosswords . Help yourself to have our online solver fill out the puzzle. We gave you the first number on the 15x15 grid as a hint so you have a start. Fill in the numbers

New Sudoku by pattern Sudoku X (DIAGONAL SUDOKU) 16x16 #4 Very Difficult to solve online for free. Diagonal Sudoku template very similar to regular Classic Sudoku . It involves placing the digits 1-16 so that all vertical and horizontal rows contain the digits 1-16 once, and that each 4x4 square

New puzzle online Futoshiki 6x6 #1 Light ( Futoshiki from Japanese, literally "not equal" , also known like Hutoshiki , Unequal ) is a logic puzzle. The puzzle is played on a square grid like 6x6. The goal is to fit the numbers 1 through 6 (or any sizes)

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Crosswords and puzzles online Welcome to! offers you many free online puzzles in which you can puzzle or relax: Scanwords (words with arrows), crosswords, Sudoku and many others. All games are solved online so that you can start playing on your computer and end the game on your mobile phone or tablet.

This is your specialist in the world of logic puzzles.

Here you will find a large selection of the most popular logic puzzles. For each crossword puzzle you must find specific methods for solving problems and use various logical conclusions. Some of them require topological analysis, while for others you need a lot of intuition or apply common sense to solve numbers. Like this, each puzzle has its own special appeal. Give it a try!

Click on the sample puzzle above to get more information about each type of crossword puzzle.

If you have never solved such types of crosswords before, we suggest you read our introduction and the rules of solving in each section.

Crosswords and puzzles: solve a large number of logic puzzles for free has many numerical and logical puzzles for solving online. We offer the most exciting brain teasers and various types of puzzles, such as Sudoku, Multi Sudoku, Sumdoku, Philippine, Japanese, Scandinavian, Classic, and many other types of crosswords.

We offer over 1000 logic and number puzzles. Our brain teasers come out with answers and are free for any use and printing. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us by filling out the contact form or sending us an email to

Our puzzles are great to train and grow your brain! Just like our bodies, our brains need mental training from time to time. By stimulating our brain functions, we can possibly prevent age-related brain diseases such as Alzheimer's. We must keep our brains active and fit. A healthy body comes with a healthy mind and soul.

By solving our crosswords and numerical math puzzles, you will stimulate your cognitive problem-solving skills, which will provide you with great brain training. Solving a puzzle often requires you to think outside the template and will have a positive effect on pattern recognition and skills to solve different life problems. Crosswords are not only fun, but also good nutrition for your overall mental development.

Solving a puzzle, for example, Kakuro requires you to consistently think clearly in mind thinking with the end result. What is the purpose of the puzzle and what steps in what sequence do you need to take to get the final result. We have added clear instructions and strategies for our puzzles on this site, and recommend, if necessary, these sources of information by the rules.

Puzzle solving is great for self-esteem and motivation. Being able to crack the most difficult puzzles, we are sure that you can apply logic and self-esteem enhancement in your daily life and work environment. Train your mind, solve our puzzles, and have fun.
Join us if you are a true crossword puzzler!
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