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Futoshiki new digital puzzle 7x7 #1 Hard (Hutosiki, Hutoshiki) play online for free. Insert numbers from one to seven in each row and each column, making sure that the number does not repeat in a particular row. The only symbols for you are the signs "greater" and "less than".

Futoshiki's new online puzzle Futoshiki 7x7 #1 Medium (Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki) to play for free with answers. Insert numbers from one to seven in each row and each column, making sure that the number does not repeat in a particular row. The only symbols for you are the greater than and less

Rules of the game online Logic puzzle Futoshiki 7x7 #1 Easy: Also known as: ( Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki ). The standard Futoshiki puzzle consists of a grid of squares separated by either spaces or inequalities: more characters (> ) and fewer characters (

New 6x6 Futoshiki puzzle #1 Very difficult (Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki) play online for free. The Futoshiki section contains many fantastic puzzles ( Futoshiki, Unequal, Inequality ) for you. Futoshiki's puzzles are on a standard 6x6 grid size (also available in 5x5 and 7x7), which is ideal for

New 6x6 Futoshiki puzzle #1 Hard (another name: Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki ) play online for free. In each row and column of the puzzle Futoshiki each number from 1 to N must be entered exactly once (N is the number of rows and columns). Some of the fields are preceded by a relationship

Rules for solving online puzzle Futoshiki 6x6 #1 Medium (Hutosiki, Hutoshiki): FUTOSHIKI puzzles are built on square grids, usually 5x5 or 6x6 cells (although puzzles can be made in sizes from 4x4 to 8x8). To solve them, you must place the numbers in the puzzle cells so that each row and column

New puzzle online Futoshiki 6x6 #1 Light ( Futoshiki from Japanese, literally "not equal" , also known like Hutoshiki , Unequal ) is a logic puzzle. The puzzle is played on a square grid like 6x6. The goal is to fit the numbers 1 through 6 (or any sizes)

Rules for playing online puzzle Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Very Difficult (Futoshiki, Hutosiki, Hutoshiki): There are a few lesser known number placement puzzles that can scratch your head-spinning itch if you're a Sudoku fan: Futoshiki and Beehive Hidato . Futoshiki will seem pretty familiar since the row

Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Difficult (Hutosiki, Hutoshiki) play online for free. Futoshiki (inequality) is a number puzzle in which a field chart of size n must have a completed number, so that in each row and in each column there is a number from 1 to n.

Rules for playing Futoshiki online puzzle 5x5 #1 Medium. The goal of Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Medium is to fill the grid with numbers so that each column and each row contains numbers only once. Some numbers may be indicated at the beginning of the game.

Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Light weight (also called Futoshiki, Unequal, More or Less online) Each row and each column should contain the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, each time. Numbers must satisfy signs more and less.
Futoshiki online "From Japan a new challenge.
A new puzzle that is more and more being followed in Italy.
A game with numbers that supersede sudoku.
Have you ever tried playing FUTOSHIKI?


On Saturday, September 30, 2006, The Guardian announced the weekly publication of a new Japanese game known as Futoshiki. This game, also known as Hutosiki, was published in 2001 by Kandour, under the leadership of Ms. Tamaki Seto, to counter the dominance of Sudoku, which is copyright protected only in Japan.
The English newspaper did not make a good impression on its readers, despite the fact that its futoshiki were made by hand, and not by a computer.
In fact, in the third week, the same The Guardian asked its readers how many solutions were published in this riddle, despite the fact that earlier this provided a unique solution.
So much so that it does not seem to have reached such a level as to surpass sudoku.
There is no doubt, however, that several Italian newspapers and magazines began to publish it, and some enthusiasts solve it.
Futoshiki, as already mentioned, is a new type of Japanese digital puzzle that, like Sudoku, requires logical rather than mathematical calculations to solve.
Although usually played with a 5x5 grid, you can find 4x4 grids up to 9x9 in size.
In Futoshiki, as in Sudoku, you must enter numbers so that they appear only once in each row or column. But instead of 3x3 squares in Sudoku, where you enter numbers from 1 to 9, in the Futoshiki puzzle between the fields where the line numbers are located, you can find characters that indicate whether the number on the left is more or less than the number on the right and between the fields, in which numbers are placed in columns, if the number above is greater than or less than the following.
The solution must be unique.
The option called “Inequality”, published by us in 2006 in the zero issue of the digital magazine, still present on the website, does not include numbers, but only symbols.


You need to enter numbers from 1 to 5 in each column and row, without repeating (as in Sudoku).
The characters between the fields indicate whether the number is larger or smaller than the other (for example, “4 <?” Means that 4 is less than the number on the right, because instead the largest number to insert is 5 of? Maybe only 5!)."
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