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Answers to frequently asked questions

Here you will find Answers to frequently asked questions about working with, how to use it, where and which buttons are responsible for what. You can get comprehensive information about our site here!

The question about the blocks on the right is “Interesting” and “Similar crosswords”, which sometimes interfere:

Question text: Good afternoon. When you open a scanword, its right side is closed by advertising similar crosswords. Can you tell me how to fix this? Answer: To close the block "Interesting" and "Similar crosswords", if they interfere, left-click on their names and they will collapse ...

Collapse block to the right

As shown in the video

Where and how to see the answers to the crossword puzzle?

Answer: Answers to any crossword puzzle can be seen by clicking on the "Answers" button in gray, and also under the grid - when you click on the "Solution" button.

Where and how to disable the ad blocker in the browser?

Answer: To disable the blocker in your browser for the site, you will need no more than 2 mouse clicks. Almost all active programs in browsers are in the upper right corner... How to disable the ad blocker?

I can't see the crossword puzzle grid

Most of the crosswords and puzzles on the site are made in HTML5 / jаvascript, fully compatible with modern browsers, with support for iOS and Android 4+ (beta) and are automatically loaded on the page. If you can't see the crossword puzzle, try the following solutions: 1 - update your browser; 2 - try to access another game in the "Previous" menu. Perhaps the problem is in the game. If the problem is resolved, we would be grateful if you send an email to contato @ cruzadas with the name of the problematic game; 3 - try to access from another device (smartphone, tablet or computer); If you still have problems, please send an email to indicating your device's operating system and browser so we can find a solution.
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