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General rules on the site

At our crossword and puzzle site we offer an engaging and educational experience for our users. To ensure a pleasant interaction and safe use of the site, we have established some general rules:

Culture of behavior:

Please be polite and respectful in comments, forums or any other form of communication on the site. Be tolerant of other users and refrain from profanity.

Prohibited materials:

Posting of offensive, illegal or abusive content is prohibited. Copyright-infringing materials are also not accepted.

Use of content:

Please observe the terms of use of the content of our site. If you wish to use or distribute the content, please seek appropriate permission.

Registration and Privacy:

Registration on the site is voluntary, but may provide you with additional opportunities. We respect your privacy and undertake not to disclose users' personal information to third parties.

Technical questions:

Please notify us of any technical problems or errors you find on the site. We appreciate your cooperation in improving the quality of our services.

Thank you for being with us! Enjoy crosswords and puzzles, develop your brain skills and join our friendly community.
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