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Arrow Word puzzles for download and print

Arrow Word puzzles for download and print

Crossword puzzles for printing

Our crossword puzzles have been created especially for seniors and, in addition to simple words to solve, also offer an easy-to-read letter size. We provide all puzzles as a free PDF template, including the solution, which you can print.

Crosswords with large font - free
Older people in particular often have trouble reading the different font sizes in Swedish puzzles. That's why we've given these crossword puzzles very large letters. This means that even visually impaired people can easily understand and solve free crosswords and puzzles.

How do you solve the crossword puzzle?
Each crossword template consists of a large puzzle grid containing various hint boxes. Each of these boxes contains a small text hint to help you find the correct word solution. The arrow points to the appropriate rows or columns for entering the search term. Each cell represents a letter. This means that you can see in advance the number of letters for the solution you are looking for.

Because the search words in these word puzzles intersect in a grid, searching for different search terms automatically shows letters from other search words. This makes it easier to solve the entire Scandinavian crossword step by step.

When is the crossword finished?
The crossword will be completely solved if you have filled in all the search fields with the correct letters and all the solution words have been entered in the crossword grid.

What can I do if I'm stuck with a crossword puzzle?
If you ever get to the point where you just can't think of a search term or you have absolutely no idea what's behind the descriptive text, you have a few options to find a solution anyway.

Ask a family member or friend who also likes crossword puzzles.
Look it up in the dictionary. A look at the dictionary can often help. By the way, the Nalench offer is also available online. Link: In addition, special opportunities for finding crossword solutions are offered here. And if all else fails, we offer the complete solution to our crossword templates on the second page of the PDF file.

What's so special about these crosswords for seniors?
Due to their age, elderly people in particular cannot read small print so well, so they always have trouble solving common Swedish puzzles correctly. That's why we decided to make the boxes and letters in the puzzle grid very large for adults. This means that the hints for individual words in the solution are easier for older people to read, and fun crosswords can be the focus again, even if you have poor eyesight.

What are the benefits of regularly solving crossword puzzles for older people?
Solving crosswords is not only fun, but also memory training. If you regularly devote yourself to this puzzle fun, you can train and sometimes even improve your ability to concentrate. In addition to memory training, general knowledge is also expanded.

How to print crossword puzzles for adults?
We offer our crossword puzzles as PDF templates for free printing. To do this, all you need to do is click on the large crossword template or follow the corresponding link under the puzzle template. This makes it easier to print the pattern on paper.
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