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Arrow Word «Step of a snipe» разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Arrow Word «Step of a snipe»

Section: Arrow Word
(14 голосов)
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Date: 10-07-2020, 10:10
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The rules of solving the puzzle Arrow Word «Step of a snipe» 10x15 free online

In this Scandinavian crossword puzzle (which has other names: Scanword, Arrow Word, Arrowword, Arroword, Autodefinidos, Cluewords, Crozzle, Mots Fléchés, Point It, Pointers, Scandinavian Crossword, Swedish-style crosswords, Swedish Crossword, Tipword, Blokraai, Zweedse puzzels, Swedish puzzle) there are no numbers, but the definitions are written in those places that are usually in a classic crossword puzzle are black boxes, and the answers must be entered in cells after the arrows, where they indicate the direction.

Ответы на Arrow Word «Step of a snipe»

Answer to Arrow Word «Step of a snipe»

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  1. Гость Петр
    10 July 2020 в 22:07
    10 июля в 10:10 Сканворд «Шажок чижика» Шотландское "чудо-юдо"
    наверно все-таки НЕССИ, т.е. с двумя "с". Тем не менее, спасибо.
  2. 10 July 2020 в 23:42
    Спасибо тёзка, исправил данное слово в сканворде...
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