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Swedish puzzle «Transbaikal Hill» разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Swedish puzzle «Transbaikal Hill»

Section: Arrow Word
(16 голосов)
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Date: 4-01-2021, 12:18
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Solve the new Swedish puzzle "Transbaikal Hill" 10x15 online for free

A Swedish puzzle (Скандинавский кроссворд, Arrow Word, Arrowword, Arroword, Autodefinidos, Cluewords, Crozzle, Mots Fléchés) works the same as a crossword puzzle, but the descriptions of the words to be completed are in the diagram (in place of the normally black boxes), with an arrow indicating the direction in which the word must be filled in.
Also (due to the limited space) the description of each word usually consists of only one or two word (s), which is a synonym of the word to be guessed.
With a normal crossword puzzle this is not the case and sometimes complete sentences, expressions or proverbs are used as descriptions. Compared to a classic crossword puzzle, a Swedish puzzle has significantly larger boxes, to keep the text in the boxes legible.

Ответы на Swedish puzzle «Transbaikal Hill»

Answer to Swedish puzzle «Transbaikal Hill»

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  1. Гость Людмила
    5 January 2021 в 23:36
    Спасибо, мне понравился сканворд.
  2. Сергей
    20 February 2021 в 08:55
    20.02. Спасибо
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