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Classic Crossword Puzzle

About the classic crossword puzzle

Classic crosswords: [url=|11x11]11x11[/url], [url=|13x13]13x13[/url]

The distinctive black and white grid crossword is instantly recognized throughout the world, so it seems amazing that the puzzle really has such a short story. In fact, the first crosswords appeared only in England in the 19th century. America may qualify for the first published crossword puzzle created by journalist Arthur Wynn for the New York World in 1913.

The appeal of these first crosswords quickly spread, and over the course of a decade, puzzles were featured in almost all American newspapers. Publications in Europe and the rest of the world were quick to embrace this trend, making the crossword the most prolific and popular style of world puzzle on the planet. It is estimated that today more than 40 million people crossword puzzles in the United States every day!

Recently, modern computer software has marked significant successes in developing crosswords, allowing anyone with the right program to create a puzzle that meets their own specifications.

Dedicated fans were not shy about expressing their love for the crossword puzzle. Songs written include “Cross Word Puzzle Blues” and “Ever After Ma Disappeared From Crosswords”. Films, paintings, books and similar creative activities were inspired by the art of crossword puzzle.

Tournaments and other competitions have sprung up around the world. In London in 1970, the first secret crossword puzzle championship was held, which attracted 20,000 people. In America, the first annual American crossword trap tournament was held in 1978 in Stamford, Connecticut. The Wordplay film (2006) documents this contest, focusing on a fascinating group of elite contestants. He also represents Will Schorz, the infamous Puzzle Editor for The New York Times, and the only person in history to have a bachelor's degree in puzzles (puzzle study).

In 1982, Robert Turkot of Quebec, Canada, created the largest crossword puzzle ever built. He showed 12,489 tips and 13,125 down with 82,951 squares to complete the grid.

Scientific studies have recently shown that the concentrated mental activity used to solve puzzles can help prevent memory loss and degenerative brain disorders, such as Alzheimer's, is another reason to get a daily dose of mysterious pleasure!

Crosswords, presented at, have been represented by leaders in the puzzle industry for over 25 years. Known and loved for caring, invested in each puzzle by specialized specialist compilers, our crosswords provide hours of quality entertainment.

The classic crossword puzzle has easy-to-read hints and a compact 15x15 grid - the perfect way to enjoy a quick coffee break. Great place to start if you are new to crossword puzzles , this daily puzzle is suitable for all skill levels, including beginners.

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