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Codeword Sadko

Codeword Sadko  

Section: Codewords
(7 голосов)
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Date: 4-04-2020, 22:47
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Numeral crossword Codeword «Sadko» play online

A number puzzle is a fully completed crossword puzzle Codeword Sadko, where the letters are replaced by numbers. These numbers correspond to the letters of the alphabet. The deciphered letters are entered in this bar. At least one word has already been given to get you started. The remaining letters must be found by combining and eliminating.
Switching from horizontal to vertical and vice versa is done by clicking the active (darkest colored) box again or with the space bar.


With the button »Check» you can check whether you have found the right solutions in the whole puzzle. When a box turns green, the solution is correct. If a box turns red, it is the wrong letter.
By clicking on a box in the diagram, you will return to the diagram and you can continue solving the number puzzle.


If you cannot find out which letter you have to fill in a box, click on the »Hint» button under the puzzle and we will tell you which letter you have to fill in that box.


When you click on »Print» you can make a print of the unfilled number puzzle.
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