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Codebreaker «Makeup»

Section: Codewords
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Date: 18-01-2021, 18:37
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Number Code Codebreaker «Makeup» is for puzzlers who love to break codes. You solve this number puzzle by finding out which letters are hidden behind which numbers. has three challenging puzzle titles where the numbers form the hidden letters. Each of which guarantees hours of puzzle fun.


E and number code is a puzzle where each letter has a number value, so each letter equals a number. In the crossword diagram, each box contains a number from 1 to a maximum of 26. You have to find out which letter belongs to which number. For example, if the 3 stands for the letter 'e', ​​you can enter this letter in all boxes containing a 3. With number codes, most letters of the alphabet appear at least once. Sometimes a few letters or a whole word are already given away with a number code, so that you have a start.

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25 February 2021 в 08:39 December 21 - Birthday of the crossword puzzle Кроссворды для меня это очень хороший вариант развития памяти, потому что я сам составляю кроссворды.
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