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Kakuro 10x10 #5 Medium разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Kakuro 10x10 #5 Medium

Section: Kakuro
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Date: 27-04-2022, 10:29
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Какуро 10х10 #5 Средний - Размер: 10х10

Rules for solving online puzzle Kakuro 10x10 #5 Medium:

Fill in the grids numbered 1 to 9 according to these rules:
• The total number of cells in each segment (a group of adjacent cells on the same axis) must be equal to the sum indicated in the triangle at the beginning of the horizontal or vertical axis.
• The same number must not appear more than once in the same segment.

How to play Kakuro?

First, find the total numbers in the two segments. For example, if the sum of the boxes of the horizontal segment should be equal to 4. This result can only be obtained with 3 + 1 (2 + 2 is forbidden because the same digit is repeated). But if 3 is already on the vertical line segment of the colored rectangle, it will be necessary to place 1 there. Proceeding in this way, and being logical, manages to fill the entire grid.
To enter a number into the game, click on an empty field. The field will change color Enter your number. All identical numbers in the grid will be the same color.
To erase the number, click the colored frame again or enter a different number.
The arrows allow you to undo or redo the latest entries. To pause the game, click on the timer or pause in the menu.
The "Grids" button in the menu, if visible, allows you to return to the main menu page.
You can exit the game and resume later, your mesh will be saved and returned to the page start.

Explanations for the game Kakuro

Depending on game modes, some helpers may be disabled.
To find out if the entered numbers are correct, click "Check" in the menu. Bad numbers will turn red and you will have the opportunity to correct your mistakes.
The solution gives you a completely populated grid.

Ответы на Kakuro 10x10 #5 Medium

Answer to Kakuro 10x10 #5 Medium

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