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Super Samurai Sudoku 3 Easy разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Super Samurai Sudoku 3 Easy

Section: MultiSudoku / Samurai Sudoku
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Date: 30-09-2021, 06:08
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Супер-самурай судоку #3 Легкий (Super Samurai, Gattai-8)

New free online puzzle Hypersudoku - Super Samurai Sudoku #3 Easy

Do you like Sudoku but looking for something a little more than a standard grid? Then why not try our fantastic collection of many new puzzles MultiSudoku - Super Samurai, Gattai-8.

Although rare, these puzzles are solved like regular Sudoku, only the grid has 144 squares in them, as opposed to 81 in standard puzzles, and you place numbers from 1 to 12 times in each area of ​​the puzzle, as opposed to placing numbers from 1 up to 9.

This means that you need to be more mindful of the pencil solution than with the standard grids, but none of the puzzles in this section require guessing or more than careful application of the standard solution rules that you will be familiar with when solving Classic sudoku.

The puzzles in this section Super Samurai Sudoku will provide hours of fun for anyone who loves Sudoku but is looking for this slightly more difficult challenge - the SuperSudoku challenge. We hope you enjoy this collection of puzzles; we would love to hear from you if you do, and indeed any ideas for other sudoku variations that you would like to see on our site. If you want to try some puzzles, follow the links left-right.

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