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Added the ability to download a printout of Crossnumber puzzle

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Date: 19-03-2021, 13:27
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Hello dear crosswordists, on our site, the ability to download and print Crossnumber puzzle has been added. Now you can, just like classic and Scandinavian crosswords - save Numeric in *.pdf format or send to print on a printer, so that later you can solve it on paper with a pencil or pen.

The link to the pdf file is at the bottom under the text of the crossword puzzle and the answers:

save Numbers in pdf format or send to print on a printer

After clicking on it, a page will open in a new window:

save Numbers in pdf format or send to print on a printer

where you can click in the upper right corner on the button with the down icon and thereby save the crossword puzzle in pdf format (opens on a PC through the programs Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader). You can also send this crossword for printing - by clicking on the next button with the image of the printer.

I think this function will be useful for many visitors to our site.
All pleasant solving and time spent on the portal
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