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New Numerical Crossword Crossnumber 13x13 04.08 solve online. Crossnumber has 4 open numbers, 2 from which indicate the date, and 2 - the year of birth and death of the person who was born on that day: William Rowan Hamilton - this Irish mathematician and one of the best world mathematicians of the

Task of Sudoku "Masaka" - to enter in the empty cells of the puzzle numbers from 1 to 9 so that in each horizontal row, in each vertical column and in each block, each number occurs only once. This Sudoku puzzle is a 9x9 square consisting of 9 smaller blocks divided into 9 cells. Some cells already

WordFind Letter I (Hungarian crossword, Letter Soup, Ordspill, Wordseekers) solve online for free. Find in a 9x13 grid, which is shaped like the letter "I", hidden words that can go from top to bottom, from left to right, or diagonally.

Train your memory with words and numbers! The real crossword puzzler, of course, knew about this much earlier, but now there is finally scientific proof: crossword puzzles and puzzles - this is much more than an exciting hobby and pastime, they also increase your memory and mental abilities .

New online Arrow Word «Pond Veil» 10x15 solve for free. The best daily Scandinavian crosswords to solve for free online. is probably the best free online crossword and puzzle website. Arrowwords puzzle Well, grab two cups: 3000 + of them are available for solving online.

Sudoku Neko - we are talking about filling the board in such a way that each row, each column and each square of 3x3 squares (bounded by a bold line) contains numbers from 1 to 9, without missing or repeating them.

How to play Hitori 9x9 #1 Hard (Reverse Sudoku puzzles) online for free. Hitori is a numerical logic puzzle played on a grid (7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10), which has been divided into separate cells. Each cell contains a number. The purpose of the puzzle is to eliminate repetitive numbers so that the

The rules of solving the puzzle Arrow Word «Step of a snipe» 10x15 free online. In this Scandinavian crossword puzzle which has other names: Arrowword, Arroword, Autodefinidos, Cluewords, Crozzle. There are no numbers, but the definitions are written in those places that are usually.

Hitori puzzle 9x9 #1 Medium solve online for free. Other names: Hitori, Reverse Sudoku Hitori puzzle rules: There is a number in each cell of the field. Task - to paint (cross out) some cells so that no number is repeated in each row or column (like a sudoku puzzle).

Puzzle Tenner Grid 10x6 #3 Easy (Grid Ten puzzle, Zehnergitter online, Chislobus) solve online free. The number (“Tenner Grid”, “Zehnergitter”) has a rectangular grid 10x6 with a width of ten cells.

Rules and solutions Irregular Sumdoku 9x9 4 (Sums Sudoku, Sums Number Place, Samunamupure, Kikagaku Nampure) solve free online. The more “numerical” variant: to solve it, numbers can no longer be considered only as symbols, but it is necessary to count.

Word Search «Krylov» (Филворд, Word Finder, Word Seek, Word Sleuth, Mystery Word, Wortsuchrätsel) to solve online for free. A word puzzle called Word Search (Search for the word or Word Finder) can be known from a newspaper or magazine. We adapt them to your interests but for solving online or free

New Number Crossword 13x13 02.07 solve free online. The cross-number puzzle (also known as cross-configuration, figure logic, or number lock puzzle) looks like a crossword puzzle, but numbers are used in the grid instead of words.

New Number Crossword 13x13 01.07 solve free online. The cross-number puzzle (also known as cross-configuration, figure logic, or number lock puzzle) looks like a crossword puzzle, but numbers are used in the grid instead of words.

Countless strange, funny things and phenomena happen every day - and we know almost nothing about many of them. We have collected 29 interesting facts for you so you can talk about them during your next conversation.

New online Arrow Word “Bright Dream” (Scandinavian Crossword, Arrowword, Autodefinidos, Cluewords) to solve for free. Your Arrow Word is a hobby for life, but with many advantages. It has both vertical and horizontal automatic recording. It has a download mode, you can also print it, and you can

Nanbaboru 5x5 #1 Hard free puzzles to solve online Number Ball. Nanbaboru (distorted by the Japanese pronunciation of the English name "Number Ball") - a logical puzzle of a square shape, invented by Naoki Inaba (Japan).

This Sudoku Kuruma is made by Martin Kool from Q42 A sudoku (Japanese Sūdoku, short for Sūji wa dokushin ni kagiru, translated 'isolate the numbers') is a puzzle consisting of nine by nine squares that are grouped as nine blocks of three by three squares.

Classical crossword "Gypsy House" 17x17 to solve online for free. There are few additional explanations for this classic, after all, everyone knows a time-tested crossword puzzle. Ancient, because the first crossword puzzle dates back to 1913.

Futoshiki 5x5 #1 Difficult (Hutosiki, Hutoshiki) play online for free. Futoshiki (inequality) is a number puzzle in which a field chart of size n must have a completed number, so that in each row and in each column there is a number from 1 to n.

Number puzzles online Bricks 6x6 #2 Hard (another name is Bricks, Brick Sudoku). This puzzle option has additional conditions: In the cells of each “brick” one digit is even, the other is odd. Two halves of the “brick” located at the edge of the puzzle form one “brick”.

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The site is dedicated to various crosswords, and began its work in 2011. Initially, a small list of sections, over time, is enriched with new content and ideas, and so has grown to its current size. The visitor will find some information in the field of solving different puzzles, some rules, history and crossword puzzles. Registration on the site is free and without spam.

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This section of my webpage focuses on grid-based puzzle information. To qualify, these puzzles must be self-contained and language-independent. The main thing you need to solve them is logic.
The most famous of them, of course, is Sudoku. Sudoku's predecessor was a riddle called Number Place, apparently developed by Howard Garnes and first appeared in Dell puzzle magazines in 1979. While most Dell puzzles require information provided off-grid, and many rely on cultural knowledge or specific languages, Number Place only requires the grid itself.

Japanese puzzle printing company Nikoli imported the puzzle into Japan in 1984 and continued with some key changes. First, the number of dates was set to no more than 32; Second, the puzzles were supposed to be symmetrical. These changes allowed Sudoku creators to explore more creative directions.

When Sudoku exploded in popularity, variations began to accumulate. Now there is a dizzying amount of options, some of which are given as examples in the museum. In addition to Sudoku, there are many other grid-based puzzles, many of which predict Sudoku.


In order to qualify for this site, the puzzle must be almost completely self-contained. In several cases, such as Armadillos and Star Battle, there are several clues that are outside the grid itself; However, puzzles, such as the number of crosswords that are language-independent but rely on a long list of off-grid hints, are not included.
Puzzles must also be language independent. Many have a mathematical component, and some (such as tents and a labyrinth with a horror mirror) have a cultural component. However, these components take only a few minutes to learn, and thus do not present a significant obstacle to solvers who were not previously exposed to them.

Finally, puzzles can be solved with paper and pencil. There are several independent puzzles that require moving tiles or other controls that are well suited for execution on a computer, but do not work on paper.

The puzzles on this site are not an exhaustive list. Currently, there are dozens of prolific puzzle makers, and even a complete compilation of each puzzle created by these people will be uncontrollably long; Many of their puzzles are variations of options or are created for one publication. I tried to include the basic types of puzzles, as well as qualifying puzzles from the main list, the Japanese puzzle set and Nicole. However, even these lists continue to grow.

Categories are for grouping similar puzzles, but many puzzles have different categories. The main index contains the most common name for each puzzle (as far as I know), while the full index also lists the names of options; For example, only Slitherlink appears in the base index, while Fences, Loopy, and many others appear in the full index.

In some cases, I have provided sample puzzles. Puzzle examples are my own creations based on the rules provided.
I hope you were satisfied with your visit!
Join us if you are a true crossword puzzler!
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