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Fill-a-Pix Deer

Section: Philippine Crosswords
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Date: 29-02-2020, 17:09
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Филиппинский кроссворд "Олень" - Размер: 30х40

Fill-a-Pix 30х40 «Deer» (Block-a-Pix, Fill-a-Pix, Shikaku, Shikakunikire, Block Pix и Blockbuster Paint doku, Pixel Link) free play online

All numbers except one have a pair. To solve the Philippine crossword puzzle, you need to find each pair of numbers and connect them with lines.

The length of the lines in the cells should be equal to the pairs of numbers at their ends. Lines can pass only in the horizontal and vertical directions, can be refracted, but cannot cross each other and pass through the same cells.

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    филиппинские черно-белые сломались

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