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Sudoku 9x9 Easy

Sudoku Easy 9x9 Puzzle Online
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Sudoku puzzles Very Easy and Easy

Sudoku is a logical puzzle with a rule structure that is quick and easy to master. Due to logical considerations, the empty fields are filled with appropriate numbers. Despite its Japanese name, Sudoku originates from America. It was developed there in 1979 by Howard Harns under the name "Number Place". However, it got its current name only in the mid-1980s, when it became popular in Japan. Sudoku is a short form of "sûji wa dokushin ni kagiru", which roughly means "isolate numbers". Lovers of logic can work on the art of digital combinations on the 9x9 fields.

Simple sudoku for beginners to play online
With a large number of given numbers, our Sudoku templates offer a good orientation for your first attempts at solving puzzles. Beginners can have fun trying this puzzle shape. Of course, it's a lot easier to do puzzles if you have a logic puzzle printed out on the table in front of your puzzle friend. That's why all sudoku puzzles on are available for free online solving. Solutions, hints and error checking are also included for your convenience.

Rules of Sudoku

Our sudoku puzzles are in the classic form of this logic puzzle. They consist of 3x3 blocks, which in turn are composed of 3x3 fields, resulting in a matrix of 9x9 fields. Some fields are already filled with the numbers 1 to 9. Then the empty fields must be filled in so that each number from 1 to 9 appears exactly once in a row, column, and square block.

At the beginning, there may be several possible solutions for some fields that are better to write down. By logically considering the impact on other fields, you can now phase out or define numbers. It is recommended, especially at the beginning, to work with a pencil and an eraser.

Simple sudoku strategies
Different strategies can be used to calculate the numbers. On the one hand, the guesser can take a number and look at its occurrence in a row, column or block. For example, if 3 is not in the row, you can check the column and block to which the field belongs. In an Easy sudoku, this usually results in a clear solution and thus the beginning of solving the puzzle.

Conversely, a puzzle lover can also look at the box instead of the number. The corresponding row, column, and block are then checked for that field. Little by little, more and more numbers are eliminated until only one option remains.

Sudoku has many other strategies to reach a solution. As the difficulty level increases, you will learn many other ways to complete the number puzzle. With simple sudoku, you can go very far with these basic strategies. wishes you fun trying, solving and combining!

A quick overview of Sudoku puzzle rules:

Sudoku can be solved using only logical thinking. Each number from 1 to 9 can appear exactly once in a row, column, and square block. Sudoku patterns should preferably be filled in with a pencil. This gives you the option to erase the misplaced numbers with the eraser and write the correct number again.
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