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Sudoku Akachan

Section: Sudoku
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Date: 15-06-2020, 11:14
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Головоломка судоку "Акачан" • Размер: 9х9


Many people think Sudoku is a game invented in Japan.
This puzzle was invented by American architect Howard Garnes and published "Dell Magazines" in 1979.
It is known that Wayne Gould, a New Zealand judge based in Hong Kong, bought the magazine in 1997 in Tokyo, where Sudoku appeared. Spent six years of his life to create a program that would allow you to create digital versions of sudoku.

The fact is that more or less in the same period as in 2003, as for the Rubik's Cube, it seemed that people were literally going crazy with this new game of numbers and logic. The Times first published it, then Telegraph.

The December issue of "Cruciverba e passatempi" published on page 33 not one, but two sudoku. In fact, they called it “each number in its place”, which is very similar to the American name “Number Place”.

And to think that “Number Place” would appear in Japan (and was called Sudoku) only in 1984 and became popular thanks to the Japanese company Puzzles Company Nikoli, which owns copyright only for Japan, in 1986.
In this Italian magazine there was also another famous game called "Crucisomme". But this is a different story.
The first Sudoku pattern in a European newspaper was published in a French newspaper in 1985.

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