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Sudoku Bute разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Sudoku Bute

Section: Sudoku
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Date: 31-08-2020, 07:32
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Головоломка судоку "Бутё" • Размер: 9х9

Make Sudoku Bute 9х9 online, play and above all solve

Sudoku online - explanation and information

A (standard) sudoku is a puzzle with 81 squares (nine by nine squares) with a number of numbers already entered for the puzzler. The number of boxes already filled in with numbers is usually (significantly) less than 1/3 of the total number of boxes. In a sudoku puzzle, the intention is to fill in all the remaining empty squares as well, in such a way that each horizontal row, each vertical column, and each sub-block contains the numbers 1 to 9 exactly once. Sudoku puzzles are mainly about logical thinking.

Previous knowledge is not really required (other than what the purpose of a sudoku is), unlike puzzles where this is the case, such as crosswords, and Swedish puzzles. A puzzler with more knowledge clearly has the advantage. Sudoku is ideal for people of all ages. Depending on your insight, speed and experience in making these types of puzzles, you can sometimes solve an easy sudoku in a few minutes, while the more difficult sudoku's can sometimes take a few hours (don't let this discourage you from trying try a more difficult puzzle)! It can sometimes even be the case that you can (better) leave a sudoku for a while to complete the puzzle later.

Make Sudoku puzzles on different levels has online sudoku's at various levels. We distinguish between the easy sudoku, the difficult online sudoku and the sudoku puzzles of an intermediate level, in fact from super simple to very difficult. The number of numbers already entered certainly does not always say something about the difficulty of the puzzle. A puzzle with 20 digits in the base may be easier to solve than a puzzle with 25 digits in the base.

Making easy sudoku

Make an easy sudoku first? Might be wise if you are a beginner playing sudoku. If you have done this often enough you can then make a sudoku of a higher level. So first practice these easy sudoku's for a while, then you will see that it automatically becomes easier.

Play Sudoku at an intermediate level

You already have some experience with playing / making sudoku's (online), and you find the easy sudoku puzzles to be too simple. You want more of a challenge and put your puzzle skills to the test.

Easy to make / solve sudoku

Can you make / solve a difficult sudoku...? Know what you are getting into when you choose a difficult sudoku. Here are really very difficult puzzles where your sudoku brain is heavily cracked. You will notice that a difficult online sudoku also takes more time to solve than an easier sudoku. So take your time if you are going to make a difficult online sudoku. You can sometimes lose 20 to 60 minutes for a sudoku at the most difficult level.

Kind of sudoku's currently offers its puzzles the (world's most made) sudoku in the form 9 by 9, with numbers, subdivided into fun puzzles and price puzzles (since the beginning of 2014, however, we no longer offer price puzzles! will offer online sudoku's for prizes again in the future).

Making Sudoku for Fun:

You can create unlimited (and free) sudokus on The database contains a very large amount of sudoku puzzles. If you don't have that much experience, start with an easy sudoku first, if you already have more experience try one of intermediate level. The puzzlers with a lot of sudoku experience can indulge themselves in the difficult (er) sudoku puzzles.

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