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Sudoku X Diagonal 16x16 #2 Medium разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Sudoku X Diagonal 16x16 #2 Medium

Section: Sudoku / Sudoku X
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Date: 5-01-2021, 10:31
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Судоку Х #2 (Судоку Диагональ, Sudoku X) "Средний" • Размер: 16х16

New puzzle DIAGONAL SUDOKU X 16x16 #2 Medium to play online for free

This is a variant where the diagonals must also contain the numbers 1-16 in addition to the fact that all vertical and horizontal rows, as well as each 4x4 box, must contain the digits 1-16 once. This sudoku variant is no worse to solve than a standard sudoku puzzle.

Around 2004-5, a new puzzle appeared. This puzzle was called sudoku. And that was good, fair to say.

After a while, people started looking for other puzzles like sudoku. Of these various creations, one of the best options is undoubtedly the sudoku puzzle, also known as Irregular Sudoku. It has all the good qualities of Sudoku, adding something new to the crucial mix - the fact that there are many different types of mesh patterns that solve things a little differently using the same familiar Sudoku logic.

Sudoku puzzles require you to place 1-16 in each row and column, just like regular Sudoku, but the familiar [i]4x4[/ i] square area has been replaced with an intriguing range of differently shaped areas containing nine cells that come together to create a grid - hence the name Sudoku puzzle.

In this section there are brand new puzzles Sudoku X. They require the use of logic for the solution and nothing else - guessing is never required. If you like standard sudoku, you should go to the next section on our website. These puzzles tend to be slightly more difficult to solve than regular Sudoku and end up with more time to solve and a great sense of satisfaction when cracking a particularly difficult puzzle. As with all of our puzzles, complete solutions are included for you to check your answer or even if you have a little bit of wrong moves!

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Answer to Sudoku X Diagonal 16x16 #2 Medium

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