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Tents 9x9 #2 Light разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Tents 9x9 #2 Light

Section: Tents
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Date: 10-03-2020, 20:10
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Лагерь #2 Легкий (Tents, Tents and Trees) - Размер: 9х9


Tents and trees is a relaxing puzzle game in which to «plant» tents next to each tree, while observing the rules established by different grids.

Tents and trees is a relaxing puzzle game in which tents are “planted” next to each tree, following the rules established by various grids over more than levels.

A relaxing, eye-pleasing and complete challenge, with over levels to overcome. Curtains and Trees is a really well-designed puzzle game designed to train the mind, but without undue pressure on the player. The goal is to create a campsite by “pitching” tents and trees for everyone.
Each level will greet the user with a grid, initially 9x9, but which will gradually increase with the development of levels, increasing the level of difficulty. The user must place a tent next to each tree, however, following some simple rules. First of all, the maximum number of curtains will be indicated for each row and column; besides, there can be no adjacent blinds either on vertical boxes, or on horizontal or cross.

It may seem easy, and at least at the initial stage it is, but over time you will realize how difficult it is to follow all the imposed rules. At the graphic level, the adopted design is made in a full cartoon style, really well made, able to provide an extra touch of relaxation. The name is free, with a help system that allows you to move forward in case of difficulty, even if over time you need to buy virtual coins to gain access to the help itself.

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