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Tents 10x10 #1 Light разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Tents 10x10 #1 Light

Section: Tents
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Date: 29-05-2020, 12:41
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Лагерь #1 Легкий (Tents, Tents and Trees) - Размер: 10x10

Other names are Tents and Trees, Zeltlager, Zeltplatz, Camping

This puzzle is a rectangular grid with some cells containing "trees".

The task is to break up the camp by placing the tents in certain cells according to the rules below.

Rules of the puzzle Tents 10x10 #1 Light:

The number of tents in the camp is equal to the number of trees.
Each tent must be placed next to "its" tree horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally. If this condition is met, the location relative to the "alien" trees does not matter
Two tents cannot be located close by, including diagonally.
The number of tents in a row or column of a grid is determined by the number next to the row or column.

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Answer to Tents 10x10 #1 Light

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