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Date: 30-12-2019, 14:28
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Game SeaBattle play online free

Restore the location of the ships listed on the right side of the diagram. Traditionally, there are variants of the game where the numbers on the sides of the fields show how many squares in a row or column contain pieces of ships. In our case, they are not present, which gives additional difficulties to hit. Two ships are never neighbors, even diagonally.

Sea battle

Before starting the game, carefully read the following rules:

in the classic rules of the “Sea Battle” game, ships are only horizontally or vertically and cannot be twisted;
in the game “Sea Battle”, ships cannot touch each other neither sides by angles, there must be a distance of at least one cell between the ships;
in the game «Sea Battle», each of the players places 10 (ten) ships of different sizes:
1-n (one) four-cell battleship;
2-a (two) three-cell cruisers;
3 (three) two-cell destroyers;
4 (four) single-cell submarines or torpedo boats (as you like).
Ships for playing in the sea battle
Ships for playing in the sea battle

Ships should be placed on the left square, and the right one will be used to mark your shooting, analyze the situation and conduct fire on enemy ships.

When the ships are deployed, it's time to start a naval battle and one of the admirals makes his first shot. This is done like this: the player looks at the right square and selects any place available for the shot and clicks on it. For example: “e2” or “i9”. The second participant in the sea battle looks at his left square, on which his ships are located, finds the indicated point and reports the result of the shot:

past (miss) - if this point is empty, in this case both players mark a point in this place, which means they have already fired at these coordinates and there is no ship there;
wounded - if this is one of the places on which the ship stands and this ship still has whole fragments of the hull, in this case a mark is made with a cross with the beginning of the lines in the corners of the square;
killed (sunk) - if at this point there is a single-cell submarine or another ship, in which all fragments of the hull are already damaged, in this case a cross is put and the whole ship is dotted, because the ship is sunk, its coordinates are completely determined, and according to the rules of naval combat, other ships cannot be on neighboring cells. Thus, a mark is made and no fire will be fired at these coordinates.

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Текст жалобы:
Сектор 3*3 в сумме равен 45, у Вас нижний правый сектор уже в сумме составляет 21+27=48. Это как???

это в обычном сумдоку блок 3*3 должен быть равен 45, а в данном случаи мы имеем Нерегулярный Сумдоку, в котором действуют дополнительные правила - в сетке есть блоки (Нерегулярные клетки) выделенные жирными линиями, от в них сумма цифр должна равняться 45.
решение иррациональных сумдоку онлайн

То есть в приведенном вами примере: клетка или блок синего цвета 9+2+8+4+1+5++3+6+7=45 и блок розового цвета 3+7+8+1+5+6+2+4+9=45
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