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Game 2048

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Date: 30-12-2019, 18:04
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2048 - a logic game, originally browser-based, the goal of the game is to make tiles with numbers, and get a tile with a face value in "2048", hence the name (but if you wish, you can continue further ). Use your thinking and count on your luck to put the blocks together and get the magical value of 2048.

Numerical toy 2048 begins on a square field with 16 cells, where 2 cells are occupied by tiles with denomination "2" and "4". Each tile can be moved horizontally or vertically. Each time the player moves a tile, an additional tile of denomination "2" (with a probability of 90%) or “4” (with a probability of 10%) appears on the field. Two tiles of the same denomination, being placed on one cell, merge into one, the denomination of which is equal to the sum of the merged ones. If in one line after movement there are more than two tiles of the same denomination next to each other, then they merge automatically. Each denomination has its own color, the higher denomination, the "hot" color.

For each merge, game points are increased by the value of a new tile. The goal is to get a tile with the number "2048", after which it is allowed to continue the game further. This toy will end when, after the next move, no merging of tiles can be performed.

How to play 2048

Use direction arrows (or slide your finger across the screen) to move blocks;
If two blocks with the same value (for example, X) collide while moving, they merge and form a new block (2X);
After each move, a new block with a value of 2 or 4 appears randomly on an empty space. The block with the lowest value appears most often;
You win when you reach the magic value 2048. After that, you can continue the game until you run out of moves or start a new game;
The game ends when there are no more moves, that is, when there are no more empty spaces or adjacent blocks with the same value;
The score corresponds to the total sum of all blocks formed during the game.

Tips and Tricks in the Game 2048

Basic tips
Plan before every move;
If possible, try to concentrate the game (blocks of higher value) in one of the four corners;
When you run out of empty spaces, remember that a block with a value of 2 is more likely to appear than a block with a value of 4.
This can be critical for you to have a few more moves and avoid defeat.

1. Count Slowly

2048 is so easy to play that you can get used to the games without even paying attention to what you are doing. This is not a good idea. Take your time - there is no penalty for thinking out your moves in the end. Also, try to predict where new blocks might appear and how they might unfold. Something like a chess game.

2. Work in corners

To win the game, you must have a specific strategy. If you don't have one, you will most likely not reach a value greater than 512. Thus, a good strategy is to always keep the tile with the highest value in one of the corners. Just pick one corner and point all your tiles there. It's not as easy as it sounds, but you can deal with it quickly. To prevent the tile with the highest value from leaving the "king's place", try to collect tiles around it. Preferably, they should be the other largest tiles. Master this simple strategy and you will soon reach 1024 and even win 2048 Game!

3. How to make the most valuable tile in the lower right corner and not move it?

Once you've placed the highest tile value in the bottom right corner, don't move it. To make sure it is not moved, you need to fill in the last row by pressing the down arrow so that the highest value tile does not move when using the LEFT and Right arrow keys. Basically, this is the most important cheat for 2048 Game - keep the tallest tile in the corner and don't move it.

This addictive game was created by Italian Gabriele Cirulli and is used under the MIT license.

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  1. 30 December 2019 в 18:45
    Кто добивался весомых результатов в этой игре поделитесь, пожалуйста, секретами, дошла только до 512 и играю без системы
    1. Ted
      1 January 2020 в 10:39
      Лена2020, я также в этой игре дошел до 512, наверное чтобы добраться до 2048 нужно использовать Советы и Xитрости к игре
      1. 1 January 2020 в 15:16
        Ted, можно просто Лена;) Я прочитала советы, дельные, попробую!
        С наступившим 2020 всех!
  2. 30 December 2019 в 19:17
    Игра реально затягивает, пока подготавливал материал для описания, то на часок застрял в ней ;)
  3. Захар
    30 December 2019 в 19:32
    Не играйте в 2048, если у вас есть домашнее задание
    1. 30 December 2019 в 19:37
      Захар, домашних заданий нет, но домашней работы предостаточно)))
      С Наступающим!
  4. Захар
    30 December 2019 в 20:02
    Спасибо вас так же с Наступающим!
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