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Puzzles Maze разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Puzzles Maze

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Date: 8-12-2015, 20:20
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Головоломка Лабиринты онлайн

Много лабиринтов, чтобы попробовать на что Вы способны!
Можно распечатать лабиринт, чтобы сделать позже.
Используйте клавиши со стрелками, или нажмите и перетащите.
Labyrinths is a long-standing and popular entertainment not only for children, but also for adults.
This online puzzle is made for educational games for kids to keep them entertaining in the basics of science. This program creates complex mazes:
Labyrinth Variants
You can set the size of the maze according to your age and skill and then go through it using the arrow keys. The yellow-blue circle should find the blue exit at the end of the tunnel. Time and distance traveled are being calculated. First click on "New", then the game starts.

Use the arrow keys, or click and drag.

Labyrinths existed in unusual times. Ancient Greek legends tell of the labyrinth of King Minos in Crete, where the monster Minotaur lived, and beautifully constructed labyrinths were found in lush Victorian gardens that entertained wealthy families.

As a pastime, mazes, like crosswords, have been a popular headache for most people. Who hasn't tried and failed in the labyrinth you find in your workbook, when peace settles in a hut, by the sea or in the mountains? Well, at least once we have solved our part of the labyrinths on such trips :-)

We design labyrinths of various sizes (degrees of convenience) and shapes.

На нашем портале собраны лучшие классические головоломки которые можно разгадать онлайн. Лабиринт головоломка, игра.
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