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Tic- Tac-Toe 3D

Tic- Tac-Toe 3D  

Section: Various
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Date: 8-03-2020, 15:27
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Guys, quickly call friends and we will play! Now you are waiting for a real tic-tac-toe tournament. This is a favorite game of all students at breaks and not only. In the game «Tic Tac Toe 3D», you will compete with a computer or friends. The choice is yours! The one who wins the given number of victories is the first to win. To become a champion you need to include ingenuity and quick wit. These qualities will be your best companions in this logic game.

One of the players will walk in red blocks (crosses), and the other in blue blocks (zeros). The essence of the game is that you need to put your three icons vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Try to trick your opponent and make sure that the next step gives you the opportunity to defeat the opponent in any combination in one move. Enjoy the game and good luck!
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  1. 9 March 2020 в 05:42
    Да уж, надо разобраться, потренироваться:)
  2. 12 March 2020 в 19:59
    Кто-нибудь уже выигрывал?
    1. 12 March 2020 в 21:04
      я, когда подготавливал игру для выкладки на сайт, раз или два выиграл, но проиграл намного больше...
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