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Yin Yang 8x8 #1 Medium разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Yin Yang 8x8 #1 Medium

Section: Yin Yang
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Date: 16-06-2020, 10:02
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Инь Ян #1 Средний (Yin Yang) - Размер: 8х8

Yin Yang 8x8 #1 Easy (Yin Yang) solve online

Fill an 8x8 board with white or black circles so that each group of circles of the same color forms one continuous region orthogonally and does not contain areas 2×2 or more than one color.

Complete Yin Yang puzzle instruction

You start with a board in which black or white prefixes appear. The remaining squares on the board must be filled with white or black circles so that all circles of the same color are connected to each other orthogonally and that there are no areas 2×2 or larger in color.

All cells must be occupied.

The button bar at the top allows you to do the following:

  • Restart the current game: delete the progress of the current game and start it again from the same board.
  • Undo last movement: allows you to return to completed movements.
  • Repeat the previous movement: if you canceled the last movement, you can repeat it by pressing this button.
  • Repeat all movements: repeat all movements.
  • Show solution: the game will be automatically solved and will show you the finished board.
  • Detailed game instructions: Access the game instructions that you are reading.
  • Select a level: select a game level. Use the buttons to select the next or previous level, or enter the level number.

Ответы на Yin Yang 8x8 #1 Medium

Answer to Yin Yang 8x8 #1 Medium

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