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Crossword «Fishing tackle» разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Crossword «Fishing tackle»

Section: Classic crosswords
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Date: 19-02-2020, 10:35
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Solve the daily online Crossword «Fishing Tackle»


You can solve the evidence in any order. Click or tap either the prompt or the field in the grid to start typing the answer. You can also use the arrow keys, enter / Shift-Enter or, Tab / Shift-Tab to move around the grid. Hints for words that have been completely filled are grayed out, regardless of whether the answer is correct or not.
 Hint, if you’re stuck, click “Letter” at the top of the puzzle. You have three options. You can open one box. You can reveal the whole Word. Or you can expand the entire Solution grid.


To verify that you have entered the correct letters, click Check at the top of the puzzle. You can check a single letter, word or the entire grid. Incorrect letters will be shown in red until they are overwritten.
 Error Check Mode If you want to know if you entered the correct entries, use the error check mode. You can find it in the settings in the upper right corner of the puzzle. When this option is enabled, invalid prompts are marked in red and invalid entries are marked in red.


Use the Print menu to print an empty puzzle, a grid with letters already filled in, or a grid with the whole solution.


Use the Clear option to reset the entire grid. An empty grid will be displayed and the clock will be set to zero.

The timer can be disabled. Click on Settings to find the switch.

Ответы на Crossword «Fishing tackle»

Answer to Crossword «Fishing tackle»

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25 February 2021 в 08:39 December 21 - Birthday of the crossword puzzle Кроссворды для меня это очень хороший вариант развития памяти, потому что я сам составляю кроссворды.
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