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Classical crossword "Gypsy House" 17x17 to solve online for free. There are few additional explanations for this classic, after all, everyone knows a time-tested crossword puzzle. Ancient, because the first crossword puzzle dates back to 1913.

Classic crossword 15x15 «Without closing the eye» play free online. Fill the diagram crossword 15x15 with the words that are meant in the descriptions. Tap a word place to display the corresponding description in the bar at the bottom. If you don't know a word, you can find letters for it with the

Solve the daily online Crossword «Fishing Tackle» - Hint, if you’re stuck, click “Letter” at the top of the puzzle. You have three options. You can open one box. You can reveal the whole Word. Or you can expand the entire Solution grid. To verify that you have entered the correct letters, click
Classic crosswords to solve Themed crossword puzzles are one of the most popular requirements in order to get the best result in this direction of the crossword puzzles, and we did it. We have some of the best square crosswords on the Internet, and we are very proud of it. According to unofficial tests with other crossword puzzle programs and their creations, our best Classic Crosswords have been made. The database of words is huge and we have dozens of puzzle themes from which we can make crosswords. And on this basis, we can say that there are several user types that you can try on our website:

Classic crosswords on topics:
Crosswords with illustrations;
Directional photo crosswords;
Number Crosswords
Crosswords Mosaic;

Our work for many years is aimed at ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite crosswords that are familiar from many magazines, newspapers, etc.

How to play classic crossword

Solve crosswords and fill out the answers on the grid.

Use the mouse to click the square in the grid. The selected square is highlighted in pink, the phrase is highlighted in yellow, and the corresponding key is highlighted in the “Clues” column on the right. Press again to change the direction of the dictionary space from ACROSS to DOWN (or vice versa).

Or use the mouse to click any hint in the Clues column on the right. This will highlight both the key (in the column on the right) and the word space in the crossword puzzle.

Solve the key and enter the answer. If you are correct, the phrase will be highlighted in blue. When you finish typing the answer, use the space bar to go to the next prompt.

Delete or change letters
Click on the letter, then use the backspace key. Or click on the letter and just type another one above it. Once you have typed the correct letter, it cannot be changed.

Crossword Puzzle
Use the spacebar or arrow keys to navigate the crossword puzzle. If you were in the word ACROSS on a crossword puzzle, Space Bar will move you to the next word ACROSS. If you are in the word space DOWN, it will move you to the next word going down.
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