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Crossword «Without closing the eye»

Crossword «Without closing the eye»  

Section: Classic crosswords
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Date: 9-03-2020, 14:43
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Classic crossword 15x15 «Without closing the eye» play free online.

Fill the diagram crossword 15x15 with the words that are meant in the descriptions. Tap a word place to display the corresponding description in the bar at the bottom. If you don't know a word, you can find letters for it with the help of the intersecting words and so puzzle the diagram.

Select the boxes in which you want to enter a word. You can do this by swiping a number of squares horizontally or vertically. Double-tap change direction of writing.

If you don't get any further, you can use hints: choose the cell whose letter you want to know and then tap the hint button (between the arrows).
Ответы на Crossword «Without closing the eye»

Answer to Crossword «Without closing the eye»

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