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29 interesting facts that I just want to share

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Date: 30-06-2020, 22:29
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Countless strange, funny things and phenomena happen every day - and we know almost nothing about many of them.

We have collected 29 interesting facts for you so you can talk about them during your next conversation.

Have a good time!

1) If the child continued to grow at the same rate every year as in the first year of life, he would be about 5 meters tall at the age of 18 years.
5 meters at the age of 18

2) The most deadly animal in the world is a mosquito! In 2014, mosquitoes killed 275,000 people, including due to transmission of malaria and dengue fever. Sharks in the same year killed only 10 people.

3) The royal family has some weird rules to follow. Among other things, members of the British royal family are forbidden to play the monopoly, as there are too many disputes in the game.

4) The planet Uranus was called George for about 70 years. In 1781, in honor of King George III, his discoverer Wilhelm Herschel gave him the name "George Sidus" - Georges Stern. Only in the 1850s was the name officially changed to Uranus.

5) Brushing your teeth within three minutes will burn an average of 10 calories.

6) Wombats collect piles in cubes.
Wombats collect piles in cubes

7) American voice actors from Minnie and Mickey Mouse (Russi Taylor and Wayne Allwain) were married. From 1929 to 1946, Walt Disney himself christened his famous mice because he did not like the voice actor.

8) About 11 percent of Germans have the surname Müller.

9) Using the middle pencil you can draw a line of length 56 km.

10) Koalas hiccup under stress. Sometimes they even begin to shake their ears nervously. No one has yet investigated why they do this.

11) The otters go to bed with their backs down, holding hands. This ensures that they do not disperse in the water.
Otters go to bed with their backs down

12) In your body there are more bacteria (about 39 trillion) than people on earth (about 7.6 billion).

13) Hippo monstrosesquipedaliophobia is the official name for the fear of long words. Not a bad name, is it? Of course, it is not possible to pronounce it the first time.

14) Ulm Cathedral 161.5 meters high has the highest church tower in the world.

15) It is said that the Greek poet Aeschus l who lived 455 BC was killed by a turtle, which was dropped by a bird of prey. The failure probably occurred because the bird took the poet’s bald head for a stone that she wanted to use to split the shell of the animal.

16) About 75,000 umbrellas are left in the London Underground every year.
75 tys. Umbrellas are left in the London Underground

17) Funny law: In the American city of Dayton, sexual harassment of garbage cans is prohibited.

18) Our ears and noses never stop growing.

19) Sloths take up to a month to digest their food.

20) Sommerloch, Katzenhirn and Langweiler - places in Germany.

21) Every sixth German internal medicine doctor was beaten by the patient at least once.

22) The heraldic animal of Scotland is a unicorn.

23) The Japanese manufacturer of game consoles Nintendo has existed since in 1889.

24) The cookie monster is actually called Sid.
Sid Monster Cookies

25) Bluetooth was named after the Danish Viking king by the name of Harald Blausan.

26) Taking together the first letter of the month from July to November, there is a name “Jason”.

27) Every day, each person loses up to 200 hairs.

28) In France, pigs cannot be called Napoleon.

29) In 2011, an Israeli couple decided to name their newborn daughter “Like” - after the famous Facebook button.

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