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Kakuro 10x10 #4 Light разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Kakuro 10x10 #4 Light

Section: Kakuro
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Date: 20-06-2021, 07:01
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Какуро 10х10 #4 Легкий - Размер: 10х10

Kakuro is the latest puzzle game. Sometimes referred to as "kakro" or "cross-sums", they are similar to sudoku but also include addition. Each white square should be filled with a number between one and nine, as the clues tell you the sum of all the numbers in that row of rectangles. Be brave and take on the challenge!

Fill in the gaps with numbers from 1 to 9, following the tips and without repetition in the same sequence.

How to play Kakuro 10x10 #4 Easy?

Click an empty field to select a number, or use the mouse wheel to make your selection. To learn how to play, visit our Kakuro tutorial.

How to play Kakuro

Kakuro is not very difficult to play, although it is considered more difficult than Sudoku. The task is to arrange the numbers from 1 to 9 in such a way that they do not repeat in the sequence of the row and the sequence of the column, while it is necessary that the sum of the numbers (horizontally or vertically) equals the corresponding hint.

See image:
How to play Kakuro

To summarize:
- Do not repeat the number in the sequence of the line;
- Do not repeat numbers in a sequence of columns;
- Arrange the numbers so that the sequence gives the total tip.

In this image, you can see that the number "1" appears twice in the same line, but in different sequences, which is quite possible and quite often.

number "1" appears twice on the same line

Analyzing Features
Taking as an example a sequence with the number 4 as a clue and two spaces, we can fill in the spaces with the following order of numbers: 1 and 3 or 3 and 1. We cannot use 2 and 2 because we cannot repeat the numbers in the same sequence. ...

Analyzing possibilities - sequence with number 4

Game Tools
This button shows if there are errors (depending on the experience level you selected);
This button restarts the puzzle;
Choose an easy, medium or hard puzzle;
This is where you choose your experience level (see below);
Indicates possible numbers to be placed in empty spaces when you hover over the nib (#6);
A hint showing the amount the sequence should give;
"Pencil annotation" - here you can write down the possible numbers that will be used; (as you will notice, this tool is of fundamental importance)
Serves to display the status of the game when you click the button "Like me?";
After clicking on the house, a field with the numbers that you need to place will open. Note that the number can also be selected using the mouse wheel;
Leave the house without a number;
A colored background indicates an error.

Game tools

Possible errors

Visible error
This error occurs when two or more places in the same line in a sequence or in the same column in a sequence are filled with the same number. Since this error is called a "visible error", it is always displayed, regardless of the selected "player type".

Logical error
This error occurs when you fill out a field and within the basic rules (there is no other equal number in the same row of the sequence or in the same column of the sequence) everything is fine. But according to the answer to the puzzle, no. That is, you are probably wrong in your reasoning when filling out this field.

Magic Strings
One of the first things you'll notice when trying to solve the Kakuro puzzle is that there are some "key sequences" that are needed to eliminate the possibilities. These lines, called "magic lines", are special because for a given amount and number of squares, there is only one possible combination. For example: for the sum "4" there is only a combination "1 + 3", and for the sum "17" the only possible combination is "8 + 9".

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Answer to Kakuro 10x10 #4 Light

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