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Nonogram «Pen and inkwell» разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Nonogram «Pen and inkwell»

Section: Japanese crosswords
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Date: 14-11-2023, 13:14
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Rules - Help on nonograms

To solve the Nonogram "Pen and inkwell" puzzle, you need to fill all the grid squares with black or white. To figure out which squares are black, you need to examine the clue lines given for each row and each column. The clue numbers tell you how many consecutive black squares there are.
For example, if the number of clues is 2,1,4, that means there are 2 black squares, followed by at least one white square, then 1 black square, then at least one white square, then 4 black squares. Any remaining squares will be white. So on a grid of size 10 the possible combinations for 2,1,4 would be:

Note: all puzzles are solved using pure logic - no need to guess!

How to play

Select the grid size on the splash screen. Each day there is one new puzzle available for each grid size.
All squares start gray (unknown).
Click/tap the square to change it to black, click again to change it to white, and click again to change it to gray again.
Or right click to change the color to white.

Description of menu options

The option allows you to start the puzzle over again, clearing all entered data and starting the puzzle.

Checks to see if you made any mistakes. Any mistakes made will be shown in red.

Show solution
Fill in all the squares and the puzzle is complete.

Saves the current state of the puzzle to temporary user data on this computer. This is useful if you want to come back another time to continue the solution.

Basic strategy

Start by looking for any row or column where there is only one space for each square. For example, if the clue string is "4,3,1", there are 8 black squares and there must be at least 2 white squares between them. So in a grid of size 10 you can fill the entire row/column at once.

If you have, say, 6 consecutive black squares and a gap of 8, you can confidently fill at least 4 of the 6 squares (the middle 4 of 8).

Ответы на Nonogram «Pen and inkwell»

Answer to Nonogram «Pen and inkwell»

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