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Tents 12x12 #1 Easy разгадывать онлайн бесплатно

Tents 12x12 #1 Easy

Section: Tents
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Date: 22-06-2021, 16:57
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Лагерь #1 Легкий (Tents, Tents and Trees) - Размер: 12x12

Tutorial on Solving Tents 12x12 #1 Easy online free

Some of the methods you can use to solve the riddles are Tree-Tent.

All cells remaining in a row or column are tents.

For example:
All cells remaining in a row or column are tents

There are only three cells in the above row that are not filled. They must all be tents to accommodate the total of 3 in this row.

All cells remaining in a row or column are not tents.

For example:
All cells remaining in a row or column are not tents

The only tent for the row has already been completed. Thus, all other cells in the same row cannot be tents. Mark them all as herb.
Tip: Click on a number to mark all remaining cells in a row or column as non-tents.

There is only one cage that can accommodate a tree tent.

For example:
There is only one space in which to place a tree tent

A tree in B1 cannot have a tent anywhere other than C1.

Cages with no trees near them are not tents.

For example:
Cages with no trees near are not tents

Boxes A1 and B1 are not tents because there are no trees next to them in the horizontal or vertical directions.

Overlapping non-tent detected when setting up tree tent.

For example:
Overlapping non-tent detected when setting up tree tent

For a tree in A2, there are only two places to place a tent. These are A3 and B2. In both cases B3 is a tent neighbor and it should be Non-Tent.

When filling the remaining row / column tents, some tents and non-tents overlap.

For example:
When filling the remaining tents of the column row, some tents and non-tents overlap

There are four ways to place two tents for row A.
They are:
Tents for A2, A4
Tents for A2, A6
Tents for A2, A7
Tents for A4, A7
Tents on A4 and A6 are not possible as both tents must be attached to the same A5 tree.

In all four respects, B3 is the tent's neighbor. So B3 should be grass.

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Answer to Tents 12x12 #1 Easy

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