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Wordsearch «Birds»

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Date: 13-06-2020, 10:11
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In this Wordsearch «Birds» you need to find the names of all 16 birds that are written here. In the grid of the Wordseekers “Birds” 15x15, the words are located both vertically and horizontally. Management using with the left mouse button), select the necessary word.

A game consists of determining the conditions of a list in a table.

Terms can be written from top to bottom and from bottom to top; also from left to right and vice versa, and diagonally in both directions.

To mark the words in the grid, you must click on the first letter (left mouse button) and stretch to the last letter.

Localized words appear in the side list in green.

To unmark a term, simply select it again. And if you want to delete all selections in one fell swoop, press the F5 key and reload the entire page again.

Letters can intersect, that is, also serve for other words.

When all the words are found, a message appears at the top of the page that indicates that the game was successfully solved.

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Answer to Wordsearch «Birds»

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  1. 13 June 2020 в 20:06
    Мне понравилось, интересно, поначалу так всё легко, а в конце долго искала слово "Скворец":)
    1. 13 June 2020 в 20:25
      спасибо Лена, есть ещё много подготовленных филвордов, легких и не очень. Будем постепенно выкладывать...
  2. 13 June 2020 в 20:29
    можете также поразгадывать на общую тематику: Филворды 10х10, Филворды 15х15 и Филворды 20х20
    в них есть кнопка "Новая игра", которая позволяет после решения, сформировать ещё головоломку с новыми словами.
  3. 15 June 2020 в 05:31
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